Baptism: Please call the rectory office, 762-0946, to make arrangementsSacraments

Reconciliation: On Saturdays - please see the parish bulletin for current hours

Eucharist: First Eucharist preparation for younger and older children, and adults is available

Confirmation: After preparation; young adult and adult programs available

Sacrament of the Sick: Please notify the Rectory if you know of someone who should receive this Sacrament, or someone who is unable to go to Church but would like to receive the Eucharist

Marriage: Arrangements should be made at least one year in advance

Holy Orders: Anyone interested in the priesthood, call 401-831-8011 or visit


Download of copy of the Canonical Guidelines for the selection of a Godparent/Sponsor and Christian witness 


Guidelines for choosing a Godparent/Sponsor