Class Schedules

The combined Class schedules for 2020-2021 Religious Education Program are available here: Class Schedules

Please note that only Grade 2 and Grade 8 will attend in person at this time.  We will reevaluate the situation at the end of December.  In the meantime, parents are asked to have their child(ren) complete the assigned lesson for each week.  Reviews will be posted after each group of 3 Chapters have been covered.  Families are asked to retain the reviews, as this will be how the students get credit for the work.

For the students in the Sacramental grades, please keep in mind that attendance is very important, therefore, parents/guardians should ensure that students attend class regularly. 

If a student will be absent, a parent/guardian should email the Office of Religious Education at [email protected] to inform the Director.

You will also notice that an extra week was built into the schedule - a snow day of sorts.  We may not need that week.