Corona Virus 2020

Our lives are currently in an upheaval as we all face quarantine due to COVID-19.  At the very least, we are practicing social distancing.  And while some social media venues provide for visual interaction, it is still not the same as being present with others.  Add to that the fact that all public Masses have been suspended, and it would be easy to give in to despair.  Some people have suggested that Satan is running rampart over the world.  Other have suggested that this is a chastisement from God for removing Him so far from our lives.  In either case, I still believe strongly in God's mercy and love, and I know that Jesus already won the victory for us over Satan and death through the crucifixion.  Let us hold firm to the hope that Easter brings!  We will rise again from these challenges!


  • NoysisJamPosted on 5/13/21

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